What is the top fetish?

I cannot not really keep up with fetish trends. These days fetish trends seem to come and go quickly, and keeping up with them, is next to impossible. Sure there are some new fetishes that really turns me on, and gets me going. Can you cater for every fetish trend at London escorts? I am not sure that you can, and if you were to do so, I think that you would fail rather miserably. When you try to deliver a quality date, you may just want to focus on something a little bit more run of the mill instead.

That being said, at the moment the top fetish trend at London escorts, is for a busty London escort. I am not sure where the idea is coming from, but when you check out the celebs mags, you will soon appreciate that celebs are more into body altering surgery than ever before. I thought that the oversized bust had gone out of fashion, but it would appear that it is now more popular than ever. Gents are always look for really busty London escorts to date.

Before that, gents were into dating London escorts with big butts, but the nasty photos of Kim Kardashian soon put a stop to that. Before those images of Kim’s lumpy bottom were realised to the press, gents had this thing about dating girls with really big butts. Now we seem have gone the other way instead, and big butts are not that into the same extent. At least I don’t have to worry about getting myself butt implants – that was something I was not looking forward to.

One of the girls I used to work with at London escorts, recently moved over to the US. She loves it there, but she says the fetish trends are different. At the moment, the top ten fetish in Las Vegas where she works, is gents wearing ladies silky undies. I am not sure where that trend has come from at all, but I do know that some of my London escort gents, have started to keep their favorite girl’s undies at souvenirs. Maybe it is just another temporary fetish craze which is soon going to go away.

What do I think the top fetish for 2018 is going to? It is so hard to say, but I think that it might have something to do with the release of the new Star Wars movie. It is said to be a little bit sexier than the previous ones. We have to see what it means, and if we can cater for Star Wars movie buffs here at my London escort agency, I think that we will try to do so. I rather like Star Wars, and I can see myself dressed up as young intergalactic princess to please my most discerning gents here at London escorts. What about a Sith Lady? If there are Sith lords, there are bound to be Sith ladies. What do they wear under their cloaks? It does make you wonder….

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