My escorts story

I did not really mean to join Chelmsford escorts. My dream was to become a porn star, but it seems that i entered the adult film industry at the wrong time. In the last couple of years the adult film industry has really taken a down turn. Personally, I think it is mainly down to the amount of private people who now make porn movies. Lots of the privately produced stuff, is just a load of rubbish, but people don’t seem to care about that at all. They like to watch it because it is free, but it does nothing for me.

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Before I worked for Chelmsford escorts, I was trying to establish my own porn movie career. I started off by doing some adult modeling for a couple of agencies in London. A couple of the girls that I knew at the time, said it was the way to go. At the time, I did not know that much about the industry, and as I was doing okay, I carried on modeling. To be honest, I really rather enjoyed it, and almost lost sight of the fact that I wanted to be a professional porn star.

Also, before I joined Chelmsford escorts, I did some sexy toy modeling. A lot of girls do not really want to do sex toy modelling. It is offered to many adult models but most of them are put off by it. It did not bother me, and I have to admit that I actually got rather turned on by it. That to me, just confirmed that I wanted to be a porn star. Sex toy modeling can pay really well, so I did it for six months to build my fiances up before I moved on to other things.

Early life

I have always been interested in porn, and a couple of friends of mine who worked for Chelmsford escorts, said I was born to be a porn star. From an early age, I used to sneak off to watch porn movies, or read porn magazines. As I am a rather pretty girl, I thought it would be the perfect career for me. To be honest, I was not that interested in going to school. Yes, I went but I did not concentrate in class too much. School wasn’t for me at all.

When I was about 15 years old, my parents split up, and that made life even more difficult. I am sure that many teenagers are badly affected by their parents break up. I certainly was, and I miss my dad a lot. My dad had always been my guiding light, and he was sort of the moral block in my life. If I had a problem I always turned to him. After my parents split up, my dad moved away and we lost contact. It was a really tough time for me, and I sort of went off the rails a bit. I still miss my dad, and I often wonder where he is. Perhaps this is why I enjoy talking to senior gents at Chelmsford escorts.

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