Its hard to live life alone but a Kings Cross Escorts save me.

I am used of my life, without parents or siblings on my side. After all that I have been through, I choose to move out of the house and stay by myself. It is hard because there are days you are just in your room, watching over the four corners of it and think of all the people that hurt you. And you begin to cry, become depressed, etc. It is hard to go in a day especially if you have no money; no one will give you free food, and lock yourself again in the room and cry. It is painful when you had no one in your side. It makes you go crazy, and you hate all the people around you.


I have a girlfriend before, and both of us have work. We help each other in the expenses from food, light, water, house, etc. We understand each other in most things, but there are times that we fight and as a sensitive person you are not comfortable with it when someone is angry with you. So, I have to lower my pride and ask for forgiveness. But then, at the end of the day, I feel something is lacking, and that made my life incomplete. My girlfriend does not give her full attention to me; she is not expressive of how she feels and that made me think if she does love me or not. It made me think if our relationship is for a lifetime or not. I do not know about her at all, she is a secretive person, and I don’t force her to tell me things that she does not want too. I want to be loved and need someone that will care for me. I am tired. I am tired of all these shits and all my life I am afraid of being alone. My mom doesn’t call me anymore after I move out to the house. My siblings won’t come to me. I have no one in my life, and that is sad.


The more pain I feel was when my girlfriend cheated on me; I thought she is the only one that cares and loves me. But I was wrong. I thought she is loyal after five years together, but she broke my heart. And I believe perhaps, nobody is really in this world. Nobody will love me anymore. After our break up, she packed all her things, and I am left. I am left lonely and sad, crying all day long and have no real friends. I am afraid to open up to be judge and says terrible things. I am so scared of trusting again.


Until I met Kings Cross Escorts at, there is an event in my workplace, and the attendance is a must. I have no one to accompany me, and so I book a Kings Cross Escorts to be with me. On that night we have a little drink, and get comfortable with her. Since then, we keep the communication, and she made me happy again. Its hard to live life alone but a Kings Cross Escorts save me

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